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Hello there!

Thanks for dropping by my website, here's a little bit about me...

Firstly, why choose to work with me? (besides my skillset)

Im a fun loving, lyric quoting, generally calm person addicted with being

creative! Always the quirky one, a tiny bit nerdy and just want to make

people happy.

My favourite styles and specialities are in vintage/retro, soft romantic,

alternative and boho designs but mostly, I love creating unique,

personalised looks that help my clients look and feel their very best.

How I got into this work

After studying makeup & hair in Hertfordshire then LA... then back in Hertfordshire again - for my

hairdressing qualifications.. I began my makeup & hair career in 2013 and have spent my time in film, fashion, events and in west end theatres. All whilst simultaneously taking a handful of bridal bookings yearly. I love variety!

In the last 2 years (post covid) I began teaming up with bridal specialists and found that I adore this work! So now, I bring you my experience of speed, durability and precision paired with newfound creativity in beauty.

Check out my other work:

Why do I do this?

I love it! Who wouldn't want to spend time with new interesting people on hopefully one of their happiest days? I get to work my magic while my clients relax and just enjoy themselves. Then I hand my clients a mirror and they're excited! Its job satisfaction to the max and its addictive.

Lets talk products...

Honestly? I truly believe you should choose your artist based on their skill/talents over the fanciest products. However! I do use a variety of luxury products that I have personally tried, tested and know work.

Its important to me that my clients feel cared for and included so I carry enough kit to cater for all skin shades, textures and can create a multitude of skin finishes even on one face!

Also, I am slowly updating my kit to purely vegan and cruelty free products... Let me know your requirements or of any allergies/sensitivities and I can pack accordingly.

So thats the basics really! Drop me a message if you have any questions and I hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes

Chantelle x

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